HighScope Curriculum: Choosing the best for your child

  • March 15, 2019 /

At HabiTots, your child’s development is our priority. We know that you care about their education and well-being, which is why we’ve carefully chosen a curriculum that we feel confident about. Our curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones that your child will reach between birth and five years of age. We believe in the importance of preparing your child for kindergarten and beyond and supporting each child’s growth and development as an individual. Because of these beliefs, and because we want to be a Long Island Daycare that you trust, we use the HighScope Curriculum.

What is the HighScope Curriculum?

The HighScope Curriculum harnesses the power of active learning. Through our HighScope Curriculum, we’re able to promote your child’s independence, enhance their decision-making process, and teach them cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving. This is accomplished through a set of learning objectives and assessments to create an environment that works for your child. The HighScope Curriculum is comprehensive and meets all state, national core, and NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards. 

What does the HighScope Curriculum focus on?

The National Education Goals Panel has identified eight critical content areas that are indicative of a child’s readiness for school. At HabiTots, we understand that daycare is step one. Your child has their whole life ahead of them, and it’s up to us to help you prepare them for school and beyond. The HighScope Curriculum focuses on the following eight critical content areas:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development and health
  • Language, literacy, and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Creative arts
  • Science and technology
  • Social studies

These critical content areas cover the basics and beyond. They all play an integral role in preparing your child for school but also in helping to train your child to be confident and able to take on challenges. We work with the HighScope Curriculum to promote things like independence, decision making, cooperation, curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving. You want your child to succeed in life beyond just school, and these skills help equip them to do so. 

Why is the HighScope Curriculum the best choice for my child?

We know you’ve got choices. We’re confident that the HighScope Curriculum is the right choice for your child if you’re in the Long Island area and looking for a daycare that cares deeply about your child’s developmental growth. The curriculum works to promote each child’s overall academic and developmental growth and achieves this through programs that engage, enrich, and teach through doing.

You know your child best. You know your child loves to move, explore, and experiment. The HighScope curriculum allows them to do just that! The “Plan, Do, Review” component of the HighScope curriculum lets your child actively explore, play, and construct knowledge through hands-on activity. Through this model, which we like to call “purposeful yet fun,” our teachers work with your child individually to ensure that they are growing academically and personally just the way they should be. The relationships fostered through the HighScope Curriculum help your child develop cognitive and language skills, self-control, creative self-expression, and respect for the feelings and rights of others.

We work with the HighScope Curriculum to create an environment where your child can be challenged to grow, respect others, and feel prepared for school and beyond. This is why the HighScope Curriculum comes so highly regarded and why we chose it for HabiTots.