Should My Child Attend Preschool?

  • March 30, 2019 /
should my child attend pre-school

We know you want the best for your child. As they continue to grow, your mind is constantly thinking of the next thing for them. What will challenge them? What will help them become better people? What will educate them? When your child is nearing the age of two years and up, the idea of preschool may start to enter your mind. Preschool is an early childhood education program that begins before the child is of school-age. You may hear it called other names such as “nursery school,” or “playschool.” We want to share the top five pros on why you should consider preschool on Long Island for your child.

Preschool Pro One: There’s flexibility.

If you’re not yet ready or don’t feel that your child is ready for full-day classes, there are options available. Preschool isn’t and shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Many parents opt for half-day classes or classes just a few days a week as they and their child adjust. It can certainly be an intimidating thought, especially if your child has been home with you up until this time. Our Long Island-based preschool gives children the opportunity to spend time outside of the home while socializing and learning.

Preschool Pro Two: Give your child the gift of socialization.

Even if there are siblings in the home or you make time for playdates with friends and family, learning and interacting in a group setting is an important way for your child to learn how to socialize. At preschool, they’re exposed to a group atmosphere in which they must share, make friends, solve small conflicts, and contribute. Preschool is a great opportunity for your child to gain that exposure before starting Kindergarten.

Preschool Pro Three: They can learn about proper behavior.

Behavior-management is a tough one. Children in preschool learn how to properly behave in a classroom setting, how to listen to adults other than their parent(s), and how to correctly treat others. Preschools can also teach behavior-management such as how to act when someone makes your child(ren) sad or mad, how to compromise, and how to solve problems.

Preschool Pro Four: They become educated.

From introducing numbers and letters to introducing skills like hand-washing and picking up the classroom toys, preschool engages your child’s mind. Being in a classroom setting with a professional teacher (or teachers) gives them the opportunity to be challenged, to ask questions, and to explore the world around them. Preschool should engage children and help them learn by doing while giving them the opportunity to use their imagination and gain new information. Your child will come home excited to share all the new things they learned!

Preschool Pro Five: Preschool helps children gain confidence.

Once your child learns that they are capable of learning, doing, and creating, they will become more and more confident in their capabilities. Preschool reinforces this through the group atmosphere and through encouraging children to ask questions, explore, and learn new things. Children will also gain more confidence in their friendships and relationships with adults as they learn how to interact in a classroom setting. Preschool can help give your child the confidence they need to take on full-time schooling once they hit school-age.

Most importantly, the goal of preschool is to allow your child to have fun in a space that is safe, encouraging, and inviting.

Whether you’re still curious about preschool on Long Island or are excited to learn more, we’d love to connect with you and discuss how our preschool can enhance and positively impact the life of your child.