My daughter will be attending her third summer at HabiTots Adventure Came this summer. I can’t express enough how wonderful her experience has been. The staff and camp counselors are excellent and the activities that are included are always fun and exciting. I feel at ease leaving my daughter in the hands of the staff and camp counselors because I know she is in a safe, fun and friendly environment. At the end of every summer my daughter is already asking if she can attend Adventure Camp the following summer.

Cindy N.

I have always been an advocate for public daycare. I believe the public daycare environment best prepares children for the realities of public school. Academically and socially, the public daycare is aligned with the public school belief that all children are entitled to an equal education.

My family has been attending the HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center since 2006. At some point during our tenure at the center, I have had a child in each of the programs that center offers and the Summer Camp.

During my time at the center, I have been impressed with the quality of staff.Their nurturing and caring have helped make my sons compassionate and caring towards others. My sons always get the attention they need. They are treated as individuals while, at the same time, being coached in how to work in a group. I have established a nice rapport and relationship with current and former employees of the center. I am always impressed with each staff membersʼ creativity, patience and their genuine love of the children in their charge. As a public school educator, I can appreciate the time and effort they put into their lessons and activities that will not only educate but excite my children about going to school every day.

When my older son was in the before/after school program, he was given ample opportunity to do his schoolwork and play. The center was, and always has been,sensitive to the needs of a school-aged child to be treated with an appropriate amount of maturity.

My younger son started out in the infant room at two months of age. I felt he was in good, capable and loving hands. I always left for work feeling that I was leaving him in a clean, friendly, well-structured environment. I always felt he was able to test out his new skills and reach new milestones and that the staff members were cheering him on, as if they were his parent!

Now my four-year-old is in the Pre-K program. He is learning all of the skills he will need to begin Kindergarten in September. As a four-year-old beginning Kindergarten in September, I was worried about him not being ready for a full day of school. However, there arenʼt many other preschool programs that are full-day,essentially. Because of the program that HabiTots offers, I am confident that my son is ready, academically and socially, for the rigors of a full day of school. I feel his knowledge grows exponentially week to week in this program. This is in large part due to the teachers that are running this program. The HabiTots staff that deals with the people that mean the most to its clients,their children, is second to none.

Sharon S.

We placed our daughter in the care of HabiTots Child Care in December, when she was 3 months of age. Having already one child (3 at the time) that started in the toddler group, we knew that the facility and staff were accommodating and loving. We did not quite realize the length of service that would be taken to introduce our daughter into the HabiTots Family. In the weeks leading up to her arrival at daycare, her assigned crib and cubby were labeled and prepared. Once we brought her in, for a few hours per day at the beginning, she would be taken and reassured by Ms. Laura and the other caregivers. We knew she would be okay. Over the course of the next few weeks, she quickly adapted to her new ‘day-time’ family and did not seem unhappy in the slightest way. All our (almost regimental) wishes for nap-times and feeding times were accepted without fuss. We were invited to visit and feed her as we wished during the day (although we never had to). As she grew, we were constantly given daily updates (sometimes on video) of her activities, as well as a few pieces of take-home artwork. We were allowed to provide our own (homemade) puree for her, although food is provided.

Before moving to toddler group, she was placed intermittently with the older children to transition her before her permanent move. She always enjoyed the times in the infant room, but she had outgrown the new incoming babies and it was time to move on. The new teachers were just as loving, and in fact still are, as is shown by her eagerness to arrive at child care each day. Whatever we have requested for her has been done. She is still in attendance, and she will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Our son started at HabiTots after we moved to the area at 18 months of age. From the initial visit, he felt right at home. He attended HabiTots until he turned school-age. In the two years preceding Kindergarten, the curriculum at HabiTots slowly adapted from mostly fun to an atmosphere where more and more learning was interjected. The final “Pre-K” year had a more formal setting with basic writing and letter/number recognition (and homework, too). Fun and friends were always on hand. Due to this, our son was WELL prepared for Kindergarten, and has subsequently performed very well at school. During his time at Habitots, he was always pleased to attend, and still appreciates the friends he has there during school-holiday “fun days”.

Having had a child in each age group, I would sincerely recommend the HabiTots family to your family for all infant through pre-school and summer camp needs.

Richard H.

Everyday we are greeted with a smile. Our children love their teachers and, as parents, we always feel like we are being heard. The staff has been supportive and helpful in many ways through the years.

Courtney S.

My son has been going to your child care center for 5 years and he loves it. He has made lots of friends and we love the friendly & helpful staff. My family and I would like to congratulate and thank all the staff for taking such great care of our son. We look forward to another fun filled summer at HabiTots.

The Naughton Family

My kids are 5 &9. I have been bringing them to HabiTots ChildCare for after-school care since my older one was in kindergarten. The younger one just started this school year and I keep coming back every school year because they love it there. My younger child is very shy and cautious in new surroundings but his teachers each took the time to give him the space he needed to feel comfortable and to see him as an individual and not just a little face in a crowd. I have had both my children in other facilities and it is always obvious who works there just for a paycheck and who genuinely cares for the kids. I am happy to say the staff at HabiTots ChildCare, the staff in the room with kids and at the front desk are of the second variety and I know that my kids are safe and happy there. They also do a good job of getting homework done with both the boys before I pick them up, which is kind of priceless 🙂

Karen G.

The decision to put our only child into day care was a difficult one. At home, Ryan had everything he needed: love, attention, confidence, safety, security. However, as he got older we knew he needed more. He needed to be with other children his age; to learn how to share, socialize and play with them. Learning from and respecting another trusted adult figure was also important to us.

When we began our day care search we were looking for a facility that not only provided all of the educational aspects our growing toddler needed, but also gave him the emotional security he received at home. Center after center were all good...but not quite right. So the search continued....until we walked into HabiTots.

Upon entering the level of security impressed us and exceed other centers. Immediately, we noticed the facility was brightly lit and colorful. Viewing the classrooms we could see the children being active and happy. The teachers were attentive to the children needs - whether it was in a formal teaching environment or just giving that little extra hug. After our thorough tour, led by Tina, she answered every single question we asked and ENCOURAGED us to call back if we had more. As we walked out of the doors we knew HabiTots was the facility for Ryan.

Eight months later, we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. HabiTots has not disappointed in any respect. The entire staff provides Ryan with the important skills he needs to proceed to Kindergarten in addition to love, attention, confidence, safety and security. Thank you to everyone at HabiTots for making the transition a smooth one and being so loving and caring to Ryan. We couldn’t ask for more!

Dennis and Leslie E.

I have 2 daughters attending HabiTots. I have chosen HabiTots after careful consideration and visiting many other child care facilities.

I was looking for safe, friendly environment, a strong curriculum taught by good teachers that have the best interest of children in mind, also the convenience of the location. One of the reasons that I decided to put my children in their child care program was for them to get familiar with English (they did not speak any English at all) and interact with other kids and make friends.

I am very HAPPY I chose HabiTots they are very professional, teachers are very understanding, perceptive, kind and helpful (with anything that I ask them for eg: I requested my little one to be potty trained or I requested to make the bottle with water accessible at all times and the teachers are always following my requests). My older daughter absolutely loves Ms. Mariangela who was extremely kind and sympathetic to the fact that my daughter did not speak any English. Ms. Mariangela significantly helped my daughter to grow and to learn so much. I appreciate that greatly! I believe that they did everything to make my kids feel welcome and to make the painful transition from being home to going to child care very smooth and very pleasant. My kids love going to HabiTots and I feel good leaving them there and I don’t have to worry about them. I would recommend HabiTots without hesitation to any parent that is considering day care facilities.

Monika P.

Why did I choose HabiTots?

Initially, there was really little choice for aftercare. Only HabiTots offered busing directly to and from the schools, and had extended morning and evening hours. It is well located and makes for a very convenient, easy pick-up on my way home from work. For working parents to coordinate picking up children after school, making sure that our kids can get there safely and stay there until we leave work is a big requirement. HabiTots can meet our needs.

However, over the years, it has turned into so much more. We have grown to admire and trust the teachers who care for our children. The administrators are very responsive and truly concerned about the well-being of my children and all the children in their care.

The convenience is awesome, but if the service and level of care wasn’t there, it wouldn’t be worth it. I feel confident that my children are safe and in good hands at HabiTots.

Danielle B.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for giving us the gift of ~TRUST~

As parents, the ability to trust someone else to care for your child in your absence is something that can be painfully difficult to find ...and is absolutely priceless when found.

We’ve experienced hurt and disappointment with former daycare’s that violated and took our trust for granted.

Your school, HabiTots, gave us that trust back;

Trust, in the trained ability of the HabiTots staff to care for my child

Trust, in the professionalism of your managerial staff

Trust, in that all the updates and information we receive are accurate and honest

...and most of all

Trust, in that my child feels loved, protected, and cared for while in the hands of the HabiTots staff.

From one parent to another, Thank You Kathy and Lou for creating a safe learning environment for my child to grow and develop.

Jay & Alice E.

I, like every mother, is concerned about the safety of their child, education and well being. My son was attending a private preschool and we transferred him to HabiTots and I was very impressed with the staff, the supervisors and the owners of the school I was impressed that the managing staff was very hands on and in touch with every child, the child’s needs and the parents needs. The owners were also there and very concerned with making sure everyone received the attention that was needed. I am happy that we made the decision to send him here.

My son is very happy attending HabiTots and he loves all his teachers. He is 3 years old now and can count and recognize the numbers. He is doing great there. His skills have been nurtured by the staff at HabiTots. I do not believe he would be doing what he does now if he had not attended HabiTots since 18 months old. Lastly, among many other things that impressed me was the security of the building and how the staff handles same. I was impressed that the security is very modern and that each teacher knows who should be picking up the child.

Any parent can not only feel safe in leaving their child at HabiTots but also that s/he will be receive the utmost care in every aspect of the child’s development. My child is there for 8 hours a day and it's important that he is growing and developing his full potential while there for most of his day. I do attribute a large amount of that to the care and love that the staff and owners provide to their children. They make you feel part of a family and treat you as same and not just a client or customer. It's important when they have the most important things to care for - our children.

Thank you HabiTots for a great experience and I look forward to a few more years with you.

Bonnie L.

I have worked in the preschool field for the last ten years and thoroughly enjoy and admire the dedication to children and their families that I experience first hand here at HabiTots.

As a classroom teacher, I am given all the resources I require and then some. The entire administration gets to know my children by name. They can come into the classroom to participate in a lesson or stop in just to say, “Hello.” The children are excited to see them.

Our curriculum reaches out to different learning styles through one-on-one learning, small group learning, and large group learning experiences. This age is testing their autonomy so it is imperative to encourage them and praise their good choices. I can do that here at HabiTots.

The children have a lovely playground. The additional indoor playroom provides a great space for large motor development each day. In addition, each classroom is well equipped with age appropriate learning tools, art supplies, and literature.

This school is kept so neat and clean I thought it to be a new school when I interviewed here. I have since found, it is the dedication and pride of the owners and their carefully selected staff that bring this school together.

I am very proud to be part of this ever growing HabiTots team.

Susan C.

I have worked for HabiTots for over eight years.It is a warm and friendly atmosphere for the children.Our staff is kind and caring.The staff works together as a team to be sure the children get the best attention and nurturing.

Linda S.

My daughter has been a part of the HabiTots family since 2011. Being a first time Mom it’s very hard to leave your precious one with just anyone and HabiTots made this transition an easy one. Everyone has made my daughter feel special from the moment she gets dropped off in the morning to the moment she gets picked up in the afternoon. She enjoys all the arts and crafts, circle time and her free play. Because of the structure of their curriculum I see a very confident young little girl not afraid to take the next step. I am very happy with the decision we made choosing HabiTots and being apart of this spectacular family.

Stephanie D.

The staff at HabiTots is amazing. They are very attentive to the needs of my daughter and myself as well. The learning experience my daughter gains on daily basis are incredible. Talking to my daughter about what she learned and did during the day is my favorite part of the day. The HabiTots staff is like family.

Melissa B.

As a parent you want to make sure your children are given the very best care. HabiTots is wonderful and I know my children are very well cared for . The staff is wonderful and is always keeping me informed and up to date with the most current information. I love the different activities and projects that are done and truly look forward to seeing them at the end of the day. Most importantly, I know my children have lots of fun!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and all the staff at HabiTots for the terrific job you guys do every day! As you know, our daughter (E) was at a different child care facility for a year, but the service provided at your facility far exceeds what we received at the previous daycare. Everyone is pleasant and professional from when we walk in the door, to discussing how E is doing with Ms. Katie, to pickup. It’s great when walking down the hallways and seeing that everyone knows E by name and she is very comfortable with her HabiTots family. She is happy every day and we are very happy parents knowing our daughter is under such great care!

The D’Agostinos

My 4 year old son, Tegan has been attending HabiTots since age 2, he absolutely loves every teacher he's had and despite these sometimes crazy rambunctious overtired young people, we call our kids, they do a great job at keeping all of the children focused and happy. The flexibility of hours was what attracted us to HabiTots and what kept us there is the friendships our child has made and the fun, interactive, and highly educational nature of their well planned curriculum. My son comes home explaining new things he's learned each and everyday and I couldn't be more proud...I'm not worried at all for Kindergarten this fall and I have the staff and teachers at HabiTots to thank!

Regina L.

I can't believe how much Lilah has learned at HabiTots! The staff incorporates learning in fun activities balanced with play just for the sake of play. All of the teachers and staff are very friendly and welcoming- I have always felt 100% comfortable leaving my daughter in their care. If I've ever had any kind of concern or question it was taken seriously, looked into and resolved.

Katie S.

We love HabiTots! My husband and I send our two daughters, ages 2 and 4, and we couldn't be happier. This is the first year for our 2-year and the second year our 4-year old. The staff is wonderful and our girls have fun while learning how to follow a structured day. HabiTots does a great job of keeping parents informed and the students safe. It's an amazing feeling to be able to drop my girls off, go to work and not worry because I know they are in good hands.


HabiTots has been nothing less than wonderful this entire year. They are extremely organized and notice the smallest details when it comes to the care of my children. The communication with the administrative staff is very clear and always friendly. They have helped my family out in more ways than one throughout the year and I cannot thank them enough for their support and guidance. I can feel the love that the entire building has towards children when I interact with everyone there. The facility is neat and very clean, and the curriculum for both of my children is filled with enriching learning experiences. Thank you HabiTots for everything you do for kids!

Lisa O.

I have been sending my son to HabiTots since he was 9 weeks old and he is 4 1/2 now. As a new mom it was one of the hardest decisions as to where to send my son while I was at work. I know I made the right choice. The staff at HabiTots is amazing; they are always looking out for the best interest of the children. I know when I leave my son he is safe and happy. Thank you HabiTots!

The Weir Family

My husband and I absolutely love the school and its programs for our daughter. We have seen tremendous growth with her since she joined at a year old, and she genuinely looks forward to going to class! They also do an amazing job with keeping you constantly informed with what is going on with your child on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Which is great as working parents because you genuinely feel like you always know what is going on and that you are involved.

Nikki T.

One of the hardest decisions to make as a parent is the perfect daycare for your child; you want the same loving and devoted attention to be given to your child that you know you would give yourself. At the age of 3 I knew it was time to possibly place my child in daycare to start building her social skills and to start preparing for Kindergarten. After looking at several daycares we had decided HabiTots seemed like the perfect fit and we have loved that decision ever since. I cannot express how grateful I am that we found such an amazing place. The staff is so attentive and always there to help. It is a great feeling going to work and not having to worry because you know your child is in great hands, she looks forward to going every day and made some friendships that will last forever. My daughter is now enrolled in the before and after school program as well as the summer camp. We are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful place within our community for our young children.

Kimberly L.

There are many daycare providers to choose from and with that a great decision was made for HabiTots to care for our pride and joy. I cannot express how happy my family and I are to see such wonderful staff members at HabiTots to be caring for our children. Every single staff member truly cares for the well-being and education of my two children. My son has attended since 2012 and my daughter since November 2014. Both of them enjoy every moment at HabiTots so much that it can be difficult to leave the facility when its time to go home.

I was looking for a safe, clean, friendly environment with a strong curriculum taught by wonderful teachers. HabiTots makes you feel like part of their family. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate and cannot thank HabiTots Staff enough for the hard work and dedication they put into each and everyday!

Maria Q.

Words cannot express how grateful am I to have a place as wonderful as HabiTots to take my children to. Compared to other places, HabiTots is hands down the safest and cleanest and has the friendliest staff. They also have competitive pricing but best of all they offer me one-of-a-kind flexibility to meet my hectic lifestyle. Thanks HabiTots!

Jennifer V.

My daughter has been at HabiTots for a little more than 2 months and from the very first day I knew we made the right choice. The staff is incredible, they are warm and loving, they make the kids feel welcome and included. After the first few days we saw a difference in her and what she was learning. She loves school and wants to go every day. I have raved about HabiTots to everyone I know and recommend they to anyone who will listen. I'm sad that we didn't find them sooner!

Mandi C.

We love HabiTots!!!! They are so awesome!!! Best choice I ever made as a mom for my girl, she loves everything from the food, the kids, and the environment. She always a smile on her face when we pull up! I as a mom love the friendly staff, the cleanliness of the place, and the safety I feel leaving her for the day. I would and do recommend HabiTots to anyone in my life looking for a reliable, clean, and safe daycare located on private property. When I first walked in knowing it was time to enroll my girl into daycare, I was greeted with open arms literally; because of course I am that emotional mom, who just cried the whole time. They really took their time with me and really made it personal, which was very comforting. We will stay until it's time for kindergarten!! I can't express how grateful I am to have found a sense of family at my girl’s daycare!

Melissa L.

Being a working mom and leaving my child in someone else's care everyday is not easy, but I know my daughter is in great hands at HabiTots. I know she will be doing mind-enriching activities, getting exercise, eating well-balanced meals, and socializing with other kids. Plus the teachers and staff truly love every child they care for. They go above and beyond to get to know every family and understand their individual needs.

Aylssa P.

We could not be happier with HabiTots childcare. We were afraid of the whole process of sending our 2 and 1/2 year old twins to daycare, but the entire staff from center director to teachers, to teacher’s assistants has exceeded our expectations. Our boys are happy, are learning and are well taken care of there.

Kim & Mike C.

I have a hard time trusting strangers to watch my kids, but HabiTots has a great group of friendly people who are genuinely concerned with the safety and well-being of my child. They make learning fun and incorporate many different techniques to really get kids inspired and excited to learn. They serve healthy meals and snacks and my daughter is so excited and proud to go to school everyday. Thank you, HabiTots!

Lauren B.

Our son has been attending HabiTots since he was 10 weeks old. As I dropped him off on his first day, I walked out feeling happy knowing that he was in the best possible hands. The teacher encouraged me to call or stop by to check in if I ever needed to, but I knew I didn’t need to since I could see how the staff was treating him as though he was their own child. Days became months quickly and every day I picked him up with a huge smile. The link that the teacher gave to me at pickup time was a savior as it was my snapshot of his entire day. I knew everything he had done and it made it extremely easy for me to mimic on weekends.

Fast forward 3 years later and another child enrolled and we are still LOVING our HabiTots experience.

Every single teacher and administrator is top notch. Teachers take the time to know my children’s needs and go above and above what is ever expected.

Throughout the year, it is so nice to be able to join my kids for tea parties, parades, the summer carnival and special art shows. I truly feel like HabiTots is a family and we are so very lucky to have joined it.

Mike & Colleen C.