Our Story

In 1995, Kathy and Lou Liguori were parents just like you.

Their boys were very young and attending child care. They were working parents, and wanted the best for their children—the highest level of service and education possible.

This was the inspiration that moved them to open an internationally franchised childcare company and provided them the opportunity for 20 years and counting of educating thousands of children in your neighborhood. Their independently owned child care centers became many children’s home away from home; it was a safe place where they could grow, develop their own sense of self in a natural environment, and succeed.

Today, as HabiTots, their brand of child care centers support local parents in enhancing the academic and social development, nutrition and general well-being of children as they each continue to follow their calling: providing quality care and growth opportunities for the children of our community. Their wisdom is a natural support system, and is just another additional, unique resource offered to the families in Kathy and Lou's respective centers.