Our Name

After 18 years with an internationally franchised childcare company, Kathy and Lou were ready to take the next step in their center’s growth and evolution. With great excitement, the couple parted ways with the franchise organization and branched out to establish a professional brand of their very own—one that exemplified their experience and dedication, and adhered to their high standards in every way.

But naturally, they both had their own thoughts about what name they wanted to call themselves. They both wanted a name based on their ideas about who they were and the services they would provide. It needed to encompass their strong feelings about making their brand of schools not only each of their home away from home, but also that of the children, families and employees who bring life to their halls. The name had to communicate that the schools were a safe place where children gather to learn, grow and be among their peers; a place where children could thrive in a safe, protected habitat.

From this thinking, the name HabiTots was born.

The children in the logo represent the relationships seen at HabiTots: the mother and child; sister and brother; the teacher and student. The heart that lifts the pair represents the fact that the children here are always led with love, which elevates them to heights greater than our world today, signified by the brand name’s earth tones.

The careful thought and detailed process of their development of such a meaningful name for their respective centers is an exact metaphor for how they care for the business and the people it impacts, both big and small.