Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum: Paving the Road for Kindergarten and Beyond

Our curriculum is a unique blend of highly supported approaches to learning, strategically aligned with the Core Body of Knowledge expectations from the New York State Early Learning Guidelines. Focusing on the developmental milestones children reach between birth and 5 years of age, our program leverages accepted best practices complete with assessment scales that encompass the development of the whole child, better readying each child for Kindergarten and beyond.

All children enrolled in our program benefit from the tutelage and supervision of our responsive and knowledgeable teachers who promote stimulating learning environments that support and build upon each individual child’s growth and development. For these reasons, HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center is proud to introduce HighScope as the foundation of our core curriculum.

HighScope: Built for Academic and Personal Growth

A flexible program, HighScope allows changes to fit the children and community we serve, all the while maintaining the standards and practices that guarantee positive and lasting results. The comprehensive curriculum meets all state, national core and NAEYC standards. HighScope focuses on eight critical content areas based on the dimensions of school readiness identified by the National Education Goals Panel:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Social and emotional development
  • Physical development and health
  • Language, literacy and communication
  • Mathematics
  • Creative arts
  • Science and technology
  • Social studies

HighScope’s critical content areas not only prepare children for later schooling, but also advance the learning process beyond traditional academics by applying methods to promote independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving. The core curriculum promotes each individual child’s overall academic and developmental growth with innovative programs from planning and work time to enrichment and more.

Our Agenda: Plan, Do, Review

A balanced daily program of child-initiated and adult-directed activities, the HighScope model differs drastically from more traditional approaches to learning. Rather than focus exclusively on adult-directed instruction, HighScope emphasizes each child as a self-initiating active learner. Children learn by doing — rather from lecture and verbal instruction only.

Guided by cognitive-developmental theory, HighScope incorporates the cycle of Plan, Do, Review to guide active exploration. Purposeful yet fun, Plan, Do, Review promotes the child’s innate need to explore, experiment, invent, construct and pretend — in short, to play. Children construct knowledge through not only exploration and observation but also reflection and implementation of their daily plan.

Plan, Do, Review prioritizes problem solving and independent thinking. Adults present intellectual challenges designed to stretch the child’s understanding, continuously gauging their developmental status along the way. Children discover meaning in their speech, gestures and drawings, which is a major development.

Our teachers develop a safe and meaningful relationship with each child to encourage their academic and personal growth — including cognitive and language skills, self-control, creative self-expression, and respect for the feelings and rights of others.

Our Extras: Programs for Enrichment and Success

HabiTots is proud to offer a fun and innovative Before- and After- School Program to help children with homework and further advance their academic development.

We also offer enrichment programs designed to build self-esteem, confidence and physical health, while helping children find what makes them each so uniquely special.

Introducing children to Art, Music, Fitness, Dance and Drama, we teach respect for oneself and for others, along with interpersonal and social skills and a love for creative expression.

An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, our S.T.E.A.M. Program embraces the philosophy that children are born engineers, fascinated with building things, taking them apart and asking how they work.

S.T.E.A.M. introduces developmentally appropriate activities, allowing children to observe and experiment with applications leading to more critical thinking and better common sense.

Our Results: The Road Ahead

By the time children enrolled in our curriculum begin their first day of Kindergarten, the foundation for continued academic success and personal growth is already in place. As a parent of a child in our program, you can consider the road fully paved.